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    by Published on 10-25-2012 11:13 AM

    Miami @ Lake Shore Dr
    The Thugs lost their first game and started on the wrong end in defending their division crown. Lucky for them they will be facing a Lake Shore Drive team that doesn't look like a contender this season. Matt Ryan will look much better than in week 1. Both teams are 0-1 but Miami will win this week.

    Buffalo @ Tampa Bay
    Buffalo got crushed by a terrible Oakland team so there is no way I could pick them to beat Tampa Bay who made the playoffs last season. Michael Vick will throw and run all over Buffalo's secondary. Both teams are 0-1 but Tampa Bay will win this week.

    Carol City @ Jacksonville
    Carol City is the only team to have won last week in this division. Jacksonville will be host to their former QB in Tom Brady but Brady won't treat them real well after being traded this summer. Brady and Pierre Garcon will out perform Demarcus Ware and the Waterboys this week. Carol City will continue undefeated for at least one more week.

    Los Angeles @ Las Vegas
    The surprise last week besides Ocala losing was the fact that Las Vegas won. Las Vegas will be better than last season but have no shot to win this game against the two-time defending champs. Los Angeles with Arian Foster and Tony Romo will score 40 points in this one. LA remains undefeated since 2000.

    Oakland @ Rochester
    Oakland beat a much better team in Buffalo last week so if they beat them, they could beat Rochester. But I think Rochester will out gameplan and also playing at home, will beat the Grim Reapers to remain unbeaten.

    Long Island @ Hialeah
    Long Island posted a ton of points last week vs. Carol City but I think that total will be much less this week vs. Hialeah. At home, Hialeah will run Jared Allen and Kevin Williams silly on that defensive line and will keep the game low scoring and run their record to 2-0 while Long Island remain with no wins.

    Oklahoma @ Erie
    This is just like the LA vs. Las Vegas game. There is no way Erie will beat Oklahoma. Erie will struggle to post points in this contest after scoring alot in a loss last week. Oklahoma will remain unbeaten.

    Philadelphia @ Ocala
    This is a tough one but Ocala wins.

    Denver @ Northeast
    Northeast behind Joe Flacco and Darren Sproles will dismantle the Deacons this week. Denver looked awful week 1 and a good team like Northeast like that. Northeast will run their record to 2-0 while Denver falls to 0-2.

    Little Rock @ Deerfield
    Deerfield barely beat a rebuilding team in Erie last week but a win is all that matters. Deerfield though will get crushed by Little Rock. Little Rock will win with Phillip Rivers and Wes Welker leading the way. Little Rock and Deerfield will both be 1-1 by the end of the game.

    Pembroke Pines @ Springfield
    My buddy Pines will avenge my loss to the Hitmen from last week. Hitmen have a really good offense with Ben Roethlisberger and Julio Jones but Pines offense of Drew Brees, Roddy White, Steve Smith, and Reggie Bush will make the Hitmen's defense look silly this week. Pines remain unbeaten while the Hitmen go to 1-1.

    Pittsburgh @ Bismark
    Upset special: The Rattlesnakes will beat the Bison. Matthew Stafford had 41 TDs last season and Vincent Jackson is a top WR. The Bison with Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson will do well but the Rattlesnakes will stun us all this week. This will be a very high scoring game. Rattlesnakes remain unbeaten after this game.
    by Published on 10-18-2012 03:55 PM

    GJ Power Rankings written by Ziegernick

    Allright ho's, spent some time putting this together. I'll release the bottom 8 today, next middle 8 tomorrow and then the top 8 teams on game day (thu). I put all the teams OL, DL, LB and DB #'s in a spreadsheet and ranked them. I created F7 (front 7) to be fair since I don't know if you run a 4-3 or 3-4. You'll see those rankings by your team name (The T is for Tied). I might post position rankings in another thread if you guys want. And then I used judgement on injuries, etc. to create the power rankings. I'm more of a stats man than writter (should have recruited one of you for that part) but hope ya like. Oh, and I'm sure I missed some things, like trades etc, saying I'm sorry now.

    24. Las VegasSaburz OL: 24th F7 24th DB: 24th

    Key players: O: QB Tavaris Jackson, RB Ryan Grant, WR SteveSmith, TE Kyle Rudolph

    D: DL Muhammad Wilkerson, LBPatrick Angerer, S Jordan Babineaux

    Not too many people in Vegas will be betting on the hometeam to win this season. The Saburz rank last or second to last in all major position rankings. Having the #1 pick next year should help with the rebuilding mode the Saburz are in.

    23. Deerfield Owls OL: 7th F7: T 17th DB: 22

    KeyPlayers: O: QB Peyton Manning,Kevin Kolb, RB LeGarrette Blount, Pierre Thomas, WR Andre Johnson, AJ Green, TEAaron Hernandez

    D: DL Randy Starks, DE Jabaal Sheard, ILB BartScott, S Eric Berry

    Injuries will shoot the Owls down this season but will be scary good come next year. Success running the ball behind a top 10 Oline will be key for some Wís.

    22. Lake ShoreDrive 352ís OL: 21st F7: T 15th DB:21st

    Key Players: O: QB Tim Tebow, RBísSteven Jackson and Matt Forte, WR Earl Bennett, Jacoby Jones, TE Marcedes Lewis

    D: DL Henry Melton, ILBBrian Urlacher

    The 352ís will have to hope for a lot of Tebowing to besome Wís in the win column this GJ season. They are setup to pound the ball down teams throats, thatís a must to take pressure off a statistically weak defensive unit.

    21. Oakland GrimReapers OL: T 10th F7: T 17th DB: 23rd

    KeyPlayers: O: QB Andy Dalton, RBDeAngelo Williams, WR Brandon Lloyd, Dwayne Bowe

    D: DE Chris Clemons, ILB Paul Posluzsny, S LaRonLandry

    It looks grim for Oakland this season. The defense ranks towards the bottom and the Reapers lack an elite runner to take over games. On the bright side, rookie Andy Dalton looks like a QB to build a team on.

    20. Erie Predators OL: T 15th F7: 21st DB: T 18th

    Key Players: O: QB Matt Hasselbeck, RB Fred Jackson, DeMarcoMurry, WR Torrey Smith, Jordy Nelson, TE Kellen Winslow Jr.

    D: DT Dan Williams, LB James Laurinatiis, CBJason McCourty, S Kerry Rhodes

    The Predators are putting together a nice young nucleus of players on offense but the defensive talent is surprisingly lacking this year. Rich has a way to keep his team in games, heíll have to work harder this season.

    19. RochesterTrippin Billies OL: 8th F7: T 19th DB: T 12th

    KeyPlayers: O: QB Alex Smith, RBKendall Hunter and Ricky Williams (Jamaal Crawford), WR Brandon Marshall, EricDecker, TE Evan Moore

    D: DE Charles Johnson, ILB Brandon Spikes, SMichael Griffin

    The Billies possess a top 10 Oline but the injury to Jamaal Crawford will cause pain in other places, like the win column. With the front 7 ranked towards the bottom of the league, Billies might have to rely on QB Alex Smith a little too much.

    18. Jacksonville Waterboys OL: 15th F7: T 10th DB: 3rd

    Key Players: O: QB Matt Cassell, RB Jackie Battle, WR JeremyMaclin, Demaryius Thomas, TE Owen Daniels

    D: DT Jay Ratliff, OLB Demarcus Ware, CB Jonathan Joseph, S Earl Thomas

    The Waterboys could easily have a top 10 defense and a below top 20 offense this season. If the offense canít move the ball and eat up some time, the D will request a namechange from Waterboys to Whiskyboys to help with the pain of playing so many snaps.

    17. Long IslandVooDoo OL: 19th F7: T 10th DB: 18th

    KeyPlayers: O: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick,RB Cedric Benson, WR Victor Cruz, Anquan Boldin, TE Jake Ballard

    D: DE Jeremey Mincey, OLB/DE Mario Williams, ILBDíQwell Jackson, CB Richard Sherman, D Jim Leonhard

    The VooDoo will be competitive and as you all know, talk some trash. This team has some talent on the F7 but when Super Mario goes down, will take a curse of all the other 23 teams to suck if they want to make the playoffs.

    16. Denver Deacons OL: 22nd F7: T 17th DB: T 12th

    Key Players: O: QB Mark Sanchez, RB MJD, WRDeion Branch, TE Daniel Graham

    D: ILB Curtis Lofton, OLB LaMarr Woodley, CB Charles Tillman, S Dawan Landry

    Please bow your head for the Deacons game prayer, ďPlease dear Lord, since we have no strength on the offensive and defensive lines, give us yours, and please protect our QB and his physical appearance for his next spread in GQ. Also help us to some how stop the run so that we can get the defense off the field before evening service starts in 6 hours. Yes, they are that bad Lord. We thank you so much for the blessing of MJD Lord, please give him super human powers for he is the only shot we have at making the playoffs. Amen.Ē

    15. Tampa Bay Bulldogs OL: 23rd F7: 9th DB: T 5th

    Key Players: O: QB Mike Vick, RB Shonn Greene, WR Mike Wallace, TE Jermaine Gresham
    D: DT Vince Wilfork, OLB Von Miller, CB Lardarius Webb, S Dashon Goldson

    The Bulldogs will have some bite on defense, unfortunately, scoring points could leave them chasing their tails. An offensive line that ranks close to the bottom wonít help the fragile Vick or open too many holes for an average Shonn Greene. This defense is good though, and will keep them in a lot of games.

    14. Pittsburgh Rattlesnakes OL: 9th F7: 15th DB: T 18th

    Key Players: O: QBMatthew Stafford, RB Ryan Matthews, WR Vincent Jackson, Mario Manningham, TEFred Davis
    D: DT NdamukongS uh, ILB Brian Cushing, CB Chris Houston

    Pitts could be in the pits if Matthews doesnít hold up all season. The Rattlesnakes offense will have to score a lot of points to keep them in games. But they could easily be on the outside of the playoffs because of their defense.

    13. Ocala Mustangs OL: T 15th F7: T 19th DB: T 12th

    Key Players: O: QB Cam Newton, RB LeSean McCoy, WR Nate Burleson, Kenny Britt, Jabar Gaffney, TE Jermichael Finley
    D: DE Dwight Freeney, ILB Ray Lewis, LB Aldon Smith, CB Brandon Carr

    The Mustangs have a nice posse, yee haw, with Newton and McCoy, they should mount up to give a many GJ teams a nice ride. Iíd expect a bank raid or 2 from Aldon Smith and Freeney if I were you. Unfortunately, the not so good front 7 could corral the Mustangs on a winning season.

    12. Carol City Convicts OL: T 10th F7: 14th DB: T 3rd

    Key Players: O: QB Tom Brady, RB Rashard Mendenhall, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Greg Olson
    D: DE Chris Long,OLB Daryl Smith, CB Carlos Rogers, S Kenny Phillips

    When you have Tom Brady at the controls, thereís always achance. A decent OL should be able to protect Brady for the most part, while a very good defensive secondary holds opposing teams QBís to nothing more than un-ARM-ed burglary. Get it? Un-ARM-ed, oh never mind. I see a trip to the playoffs and not prison in the convicts future.

    11. Springfield Hitmen OL: 5th F7: 22nd DB: T 9th

    Key Players: O: QB Big Ben, RB Marshawn Lynch, WR Julio Jones, TE Dustin Keller
    D: OLB Calvin Pace, ILB Erin Henderson, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, S Eric Weddle

    You donít want to talk too much trash about the Hitmen because, well, their hitmen! I like living!! And if it wasnít for a not so good front 7, this team would be ranked higher (and I wouldnít be looking over my shoulder). They are going to move the ball and take time off the clock, just except it. But if the defense doesnít keep the score close, could spell trouble and an early playoff exit.

    10. Philadelphia Revolutionaries OL: T 12th F7: T 7th DB: 11th

    Key Players: O: QB Christian Ponder, RB Ray Rice, WR Reggie Wayne, Santonio Holmes, TE Rob Gronkowski
    D: DE JJ Watt, DE Jason Babin, OLB Brian Orakpo, CB Jabari Greer, S Roman Harper

    The Gronk baby! Heís libel to gronk one up Ponderís ass if he canít get him the dang ball. Ponder, ranked 54th in the player rankings, oh Drew, if you only had him a year later, this team would go places. All I can say is, wait till next year. Oh, and our Saints suck. 1-4, really?

    9. Pembroke Pines Phantoms OL: T 12th F7: 23rd DB: T 5th

    Key Players: O: QB Drew Brees, RB Reggie Bush and Jonathan Stewart, WR Roddy White, TE Antonio Gates

    D: OLB Rob Ninkovish, ILB Desmond Bishop, CB Cortland Finnegan, S Jarius Byrd

    Brees to Roddy White, get ready to read that a lot in the weekly game stats, what a nice combo. Even though itís going to be super hard to stop this offense, this is another team that will be hurt by the front 7. Triple P (that's for Pembroke Pines Phantoms hello) will need to score early and make teams try to pass on a group of top 5 DBís to win.

    8. Buffalo Warzone OL: T 15th F7: T 10th DB: T 12th

    Key Players: O: QB Eli Manning, RB Ahmad Bradshaw, WR Nate Washington, Steve Johnson, TE Kevin Boss
    D: DE Michael Bennett, DE Trent Cole, ILB Darryl Washington, CB Antonio Cromartie, S Louis Delmas

    Can the Warzone O-line protect Eli and be able to run block well enough to take time off the clock? Can they handle expect injuries? Can the 2 solid DEís get pressure on opposing QBís? Is Antonio Cromartie really as good as Revis? And can we really pull our troops out of Afghanistan? Ooops, different war, sorry.

    7. Hialeah Quiet Storm OL: 3rd F7: T 7th DB: T 5th

    Key Players: O: QB Josh Freeman, RB Michael Turner, WR Larry Fitzgerald, Emmanuel Sanders and Kevin Walters, TE Jimmy Graham
    D: DE Jared Allen, DT Kevin Williams, ILB David Hawthorne, CB Corey Webster, S Antoine Bethea

    Thereís a Storm brewing, it may be quiet and you won't know itís there, but then it appears and kicks your GJ teams butt! Iím I saying take shelter and hide? Heck no, I ainít scared, well, unless thereísÖ, oh $h!t, is that Jared Allen barring down on my franchise QB, nnnnoooooooo!!!!! This is one heck of a defense boys, be ready. And you better double Jimmy Graham and not try to cover him with an OLB or S, just saying.

    6. Bismark Bison OL: 20th F7: 13th DB: T 5th

    Key Players: O: QB Aaron Rogers, RB Chris Johnson, WR Charles Johnson, Doug Baldwin, TE Tony Gonzalez
    D: DE ElvisDumervil, OLB Terrell Suggs, ILB Navarro Bowman, CB Champ Baily, S AdrianWilson

    If it wasnít for the O-line this team might be ranked higher. The Bison having the NFL MVP on offense and the defensive player of the year make this herd ready to stampede. They will be in every game and probably come out on top in most. Thereís a very good chance they will win the Jerry Rice division and meet up against the Outlaws in the Levy conference championship. The late pick up of Champ Baily might have made all the difference.

    5. Northeast Lancers OL: 6th F7: T 2nd DB: T 12th

    Key Players: O: QB Joe Flacco, RB Chris Wells and Darren Sproles, WR Michael Crabtree, Heyward-Bey and Malcom Floyd, TE Heath Miller
    D: DE Jason Pierre-Paul, DL Richard Seymour, DE Brett Keisel, ILB David Harris, S Tyvon Branch

    I was googling Lancers for some terms and Lance Bass came up in the search, sweet. N Sync and Northeast do both start with a N but I ainít about compare a gay guy and the half Lancers owner Brad, no way man, have you seen his icon pic, heíd squash me! Just like what this team will do to a lot of opponents this season. Is Brad tougher than this front 7, I doubt it, the 2nd best unit in the league will create some havoc. If Brad is defense, then GB (you canít see it but Iím saluting ya bro, for protecting our country and putting a heck of a team together) must be the offense. A nice 1, 2 punch with Wells and Sproles, a better than average QB, and more than 2 quality WRís to account for. Hard to see them beating out the Outlaws in their division but a definite playoff team.

    4. Miami Thugs OL: T 12th F7: T 5th DB: 1st

    Key Players: O: QB Matt Ryan, RB DMAC and Frank Gore, WR Marques Colston, Dez Bryant, TE Vernon Davis
    D: DE Calais Campbell, OLB Kamerion Wimbley, ILB London Fletcher, CB Brandon Flowers, S Troy Polamalu

    The Thugs thonít thuck, they thery thood, they thock! Thatís you after suffering one too many concussions from the pounding this team is going to give ya. And the headache of trying to figure out who to stop on offense, migraine! The #1 DB unit will force you to run and thatís not going to be any easier against a top 5 front 7. Thugs should win the Barry Sanders division and have a great shot of representing the Lambardi conference in the championship.

    3. Little Rock Razors OL: 1st F7: T 2nd DB: T 9th

    Key Players: O: QB Phillip Rivers, RB Adrian Peterson, WR Wess Welker and Antonio Brown, TE Jason Witten

    D: DE Julius Peppers, DT Alan Branch, OLB Cameron Wake, OLB Lance Briggs, CB Brent Grimes

    Iím going to do my darnest to win the line of scrimmage with the 1st and 2nd ranked units, my mentor Bill Parcells taught me that. Iíll pound AP, dink and dunk with two 1000 yard WRís, go middle with Witten and pray you canít stop me. On D, I actually have some pass rushers this season, a new twist in the Razors arsenal. Injuries could easily kill any chance I have at making it back to the playoffs. An early week 1 test against the #1 Outlaws should tell me if I can compete for the big game.

    2. L.A. Playas OL: 2nd F7: T 2nd DB: T 12th

    Key Players: O: QB Tony Romo, RB Arian Foster, WR Greg Jennings, DeSean Jackson, TE Brandon Pettigrew
    D: DL Cullen Jenkins, OLB Tamba Hali, OLB James Harrison, ILB Derrick Johnson, S Donte Whitner

    He tries to say heís down this season, I call BS on that! This team is stout at the point of attack and throw in Arian Foster, momma! Teams will try to attack through the air but even that wonít be easy if heís getting to your QB like a Playa coached team does. Game planning skills #1, OL and F7 thatís ranks 2nd, know what that means? Just another ticker tape parade in downtown L.A is all.

    1. Oklahoma Outlaws OL: 4th F7: 1st DB: 2nd

    Key Players: O: QB Matt Schaub, RB Willis McGahee, WR Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin and TE Todd Heap
    D: DE John Abraham, DL Justin Smith, DT Naloti Ngata, OLB Clay Matthews, ILB Patrick Willis, CB Darrelle Revis, CB Charles Woodson, S Ed Reed

    I only interviewed 1 owner in the making of the power rankings, here is what he had to say:

    ďI am the Outlaw and this is a stick up! You can just give up now GJers! I have the best team on paper! Me, the Outlaw. You have no chance against the best F7 unit ever assemble in GJ history. And just for kicks, I have the second best defensive backfield so that I can assure you wonít even score 1 freakin, stinkin point! I will run McGahee behind the 4th best O-line in GJ, and you wonít be able to do a dang thing about it! Or I may just go deep to Hakeem Nicks or short across the middle to Percy Harvin just to have fun with your crappy ass bunch you call a team! Just watch, Iíll piss all over that team from California. Itís my time to hold the trophy and Iíll go undefeated doing it! All of you will bow down and say, all hail the Outlaw, all hail the Outlaw, all ÖĒ

    I had to cut him off after 2 more minutes of all hail theOutlaw but I have to agree with him, this team will probably be hosting the championship trophy in the end.
    by Published on 12-19-2011 09:32 AM

    THE game is here boys. THE game is the one that all 24 owners have set their sights on. THE game is where the most deserving of teams play. THE game is the one that truly separates the boys from the men and the pretenders from the contenders. THE game this season is on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at Lucas Oil Field.

    Two of the most storied franchises of the Gridiron Junkies Football League will once again face off in this monumental game; Super Bowl VI. THE game will feature the Little Rock Razors (16-2) vs. the Los Angeles Playas (18-0).

    This matchup truly pits the best two teams of the 2011 GJFL season. The #1 ranked team from the Lombardi and Levy Conferences. This game will be a dogfight until the very end. Both teams possess arguably the most balanced teams through all facets of the game in GJFL history. The old adage is true in this regard, numbers never lie; and the numbers are staggering.


    On the defensive side of the ball, the Little Rock Razors quietly ranked #1 in overall defense. The Razors ranked #2 against the run allowing 76.3 Y/G, #2 against the pass allowing 170.9 Y/G, and #2 in least points per game allowed with 14.6. If that wasnít impressive enough, the Razors also posted #1 in INTís and #1 in turnovers while amassing #9 most sacks in the league.

    On the defensive side of the ball, the Los Angeles Playas dominated their competition all season. The Playas ranked #2 in overall defense. The Playas ranked #1 against the run allowing 72.5 Y/G, #5 against the pass allowing 191.4 Y/G, and #1 in least points per game allowed with 9.0. The Playas not only lead the league in least points allowed per game but they were #9 in turnovers, #1 in stopping teams in the red zone while amassing #1 most sacks in the league.


    In a game where the defenses are mind-boggling great, offense needs to be prevalent in order for some points to be scored. Fortunately for us, these teamsí offenses are arguably better than their defenses. How could this be? WellÖ
    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
    On the offensive side of the ball, the Razors ranked #4 overall averaging 376.8 Y/G, #7 in points per game with 24.9, #16 in rushing with 105.1 Y/G, #3 in passing with 271.8 Y/G, and #4 in passing rating.
    On the offensive side of the ball, the Playas ranked #3 overall averaging 377.0 Y/G, #1 in points per game with 31.4, #1 in rushing with 179.1 Y/G, #17 in passing with 197.9 Y/G, #1 in passing rating, and #1 in fewest turnovers.


    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">LITTLE ROCK RAZORS</st1:place></st1:City>
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:City>
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:City>Offense:

    #7 rusher, Peyton Hillis (1223 yards, 10 TDís)

    #6 leading passer Phillip Rivers (4606 yards, 25 TDís, 95.9 rating)

    #4 receiver TE Jason Witten (1262 yards, 11 TDís) (2011 GJFL ALL-Pro Team)

    Honorable Mention: Wes Welker (776 yards) & Andre Johnson (867 yards)

    OG Jahri Evans (2011 GJFL ALL-Pro Team)


    Brent Grimes, tied for 2<SUP>nd</SUP> with 6 intís

    Patrick Chung, tied for 3<SUP>rd</SUP> with 5 intís

    Justin Smith, 11 sacks

    Barrett Rudd, #24 in league with 104 tackles

    Special teams:

    Danny Amendola, #8 in punt returns (11.2 average) and #18 in kick returns (21.9 average)

    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">LOS ANGELES PLAYAS</st1:place></st1:City>
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:City>
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:City>Offense:

    #1 leading rusher, Arian Foster (1797 yards, 20 TDís, 112.3 Y/G), (2011 GJFL ALL-Pro Team)

    #1 leading passer, Tony Romo (2310 yards, 18 TDís, 111.1 rating)

    Honorable Mention: Mike Williams (825 yards), Brandon Pettigrew (503 yards) & Greg Jennings (654 yards)

    OT Jason Peters (2011 GJFL ALL-Pro Team)


    Antrell Rolle, tied for 3<SUP>rd</SUP> with 5 intís and tied for #1 in deflections

    Leon Hall, tied with Rolle for #1 in deflections

    Tamba Hali, 11 sacks

    James Harrison, 11 sacks

    Special Teams:

    #6 kick returner, Brad Smith, 25.8 average

    #18 punt returner Desean Jackson (8.8 average)

    #4 kicker, Billy Cundiff

    #4 punter, Mike Scifres, 46.4 average




    QB:Tony Romo
    RB1: Arian Foster
    RB2: Jahvid Best
    HB: Bear Pascoe
    TE: Brandon Pettigrew
    WR1:Greg Jennings
    WR2:Desean Jackson
    WR3:Mike Williams
    OT1:Jason Peters
    OT2:David Stewart
    OG1:Rich Seubert
    OG2:Roberto Garza
    C1:Jeff Faine


    DT1:Tyson Alualu
    DT2:Tommy Kelly
    DE1:Robert Mathis
    DE2:James Hall<o:p></o:p>
    DE/DT:Cullen Jenkins<o:p></o:p>
    OLB1:James Harrison
    OLB2:Tamba Hali
    MLB1:Derrick Johnson
    CB1:Leon Hall
    CB2:Antoine Winfield
    CB3:Sam Shields
    S1:Antrel Rolle
    S2:Donte Whitner

    Special Teams

    KR:Brad Smith
    PR:Desean Jackson
    K:Billy Cundiff
    P:Mike Scrifes



    QB1: Phillip Rivers
    RB1: Peyton Hillis
    RB2: Fred Jackson/BenJarvis Green-Ellis<o:p></o:p>
    FB: LeíRon McClain<o:p></o:p>
    TE1: Jason Witten
    WR1: Andre Johnson
    WR2: Wes Welker
    WR3: Danny Amendola
    OT1: <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Jordan</st1:place></st1:country-region> Gross
    OT2: Andrew Whitworth
    OG1: Jahri Evans
    OG2: Rob Sims
    C1: Ryan Kalil


    DT1: Darnell Dockett
    DT2: Barry Cofield
    DE1: Justin Smith
    DE2: Ray Edwards
    OLB1: Lance Briggs
    OLB2: Geno Hayes
    MLB1: Barrett Ruud
    CB1: Devin McCourty
    CB2: Brent Grimes
    CB3: Kelvin Hayden<o:p></o:p>
    S1: LaRon Landry
    S2: Patrick Chung

    Special Teams

    KR: Danny Amendola
    PR: Danny Amendola
    K: Nate Kaeding
    P: Adam Podlesh


    The Razors and Playas coasted for much of this season as evidenced by their respective 14-2 and 16-0 regular season marks and their identical 2-0 playoff run thus far.

    The two teams played 6 common opponents resulting in the following:

    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Pittsburgh</st1:place></st1:City> Ė Razors w 12-10, Playas w 13-6
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Philadelphia</st1:place></st1:City> Ė Razors w 34-17, Playas w 26-6
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Erie</st1:place></st1:City> - Razors w 16-14, Playas w 31-0
    <st1:place w:st="on">Long Island</st1:place> - Razors w 32-6, Playas w 31-3
    <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Rochester</st1:place></st1:City> - Razors w 30-13, Playas w 41-17
    <st1:Street w:st="on"><st1:address w:st="on">Lake Shore Dr</st1:address></st1:Street> - Razors w 30-27, Playas w 41-6

    As you can see, the two teams beat the same 6 opponents without a glitch, however, none of the 6 teams made the playoffs.

    Keys to victory (for the RAZORS):

    1.) Phillip Rivers needs to meet his average of 271 yards per game if not surpass it;
    2.) Offensive Line led by Jahri Evans and Jordan Gross need to limit the #1 defense in sacks to no more than 3;
    3.) The offensive gameplan should call for some more play action and draw plays from Peyton Hillis and Benjarvis Green-Eillis to limit #1 sack defense from zeroing in on Rivers on every play;
    4.) #1 defense needs to play man-to-man on occassion to help shut down Mike Williams and Greg Jennings;
    5.) #2 against the run will need to key runner to stop Arian Foster but most importantly, the receptions out of the backfield;
    6.) Win the time of possession battle.

    Keys to victory (for the PLAYAS):

    1.) Tony Romo needs to improve on his 195 yards per game average against this #2 pass defense;
    2.) Keep Jahvid Best fresh as Arian Foster might need a few more breathers than usual;
    3.) Offensive gameplan should call for more passes with their LB's in coverage which would get Brandon Pettigrew and Jason Avant just as lethal as Mike Williams and Greg Jennings;
    4.) Blitz, Blitz, and more Blitz;
    5.) Limit Phillip Rivers from too many offensive touches;
    6.) Win the turnover battle.

    Who will this game? Will it be the defending champs and two-time championship winner in LA? The same defending champs looking to be the first ever team to go undefeated in a GJFL season. Or will it be the team in LR looking for their second GJFL championship? This is very hard to predict but this clash of the Titans will go to the...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

    the RAZORS...barely but...Razors 21, Playas 17.

    by Published on 11-04-2011 10:37 AM


    Buffalo (3) - 2 Game Lead need a combination of 2 wins or 1 win and 1 loss by both Rochester and Long Island

    Long Island - 2 games back in division and Wild Card, basically needs to win out and get alot of help

    Rochester - 2 games back in division and Wild Card, basically needs to win out and get alot of help

    Lake Shore - 3 games back in Division and Wild Card, mathematically alive but needs a miracle.


    Jacksonville (2) - 1 Game lead on Division, 1 win or an Oakland loss clinches at least a playoff berth

    Tampa Bay (5) - 1 game back in Division, #2 Wild Card

    Miami (6) - 2 games back in Division, #3 Wild Card

    Carol City - 2 games back in Wild Card needs to win out and lots of help


    Los Angeles (1) - Clinched Division and Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs

    Hialeah (4) - #1 Wild Card needs a win or Oakland loss to clinch a playoff berth

    Oakland - 1 game back in Wild Card

    Las Vegas - eliminated


    Oklahoma (2) - 2 game lead on Division, clinched a playoff berth

    Northeast (5) - 2 games back in Division, needs to win out and help for Division needs a win and a Denver and Ocala loss to clinch Playoff berth

    Ocala - 1 game back in Wild Card

    Denver - 1 game back in Wild Card


    Philadelphia (3) - 1 game lead on Division

    Springfield - 1 game back in Division

    Erie - 3 games back in DIvision needs to win out and a miracle

    Pittsburgh - 3 games back in Division needs to win out and a miracle


    Little Rock (1) - has one game lead on Division clinched a playoff berth

    Bismark (4) - one game back in Division, #1 Wild Card clinched a playoff berth

    Pembroke Pines (6) - #3 Wild Card

    Deerfield - Eliminated

    Hopefully next week will be easier to pinpoint exactly what each team needs to do still pretty muddled at this point
    by Published on 10-28-2011 09:15 AM


    Buffalo (3) - 1 game lead on Division
    Rochester - 1 game back in Division, 2 games back in Wild Card
    Lake Shore - 2 games back in Division, 3 games back in Wild Card
    Long Island - 2 games back in Division, 3 games back in Wild Card


    Jacksonville (2) - 1 game lead in Division
    Tampa Bay (5) - 1 game back in Division, #2 Wild Card based on Conference Record
    Miami (6) - 1 game back in Division, #3 Wild Card based on Conference record
    Carol City - 3 games back in Division, 2 games back in Wild Card


    Los Angeles (1) - clinched Playoff Berth, 4 game lead on Division, clinches Division with a win or Hialeah loss, clinches #1 seed with a win or Jacksonville loss
    Hialeah (4) - 4 games back in Division, #1 Wild Card
    Oakland - 1 game back in Wild Card
    Las Vegas - eliminated


    Oklahoma (2) - 2 game lead on Division
    Northeast (6) - 2 games back in Division, #3 Wild Card based on head to head with Pembroke Pines
    Ocala - 3 games back in Division, 1 game back in Wild Card
    Denver - 3 games back in Division, 1 game back in Wild Card


    Philadelphia (3) - 1 game lead on Division
    Springfield - 1 game back in Division, 3 games back in Wild Card
    Pittsburgh - 2 games back in Division, 4 games back in Wild Card
    Erie - 2 games back in Division, 4 games back in Wild Card


    Little Rock (1) - 1 game lead on Division
    Bismark (4) - 1 game back in Division, #1 Wild Card
    Pembroke Pines (5) - 3 games back in Division, #2 Wild Card based on Head to Head with Northeast
    Deerfield - eliminated
    by Published on 10-14-2011 12:45 PM

    1. Los Angeles 10-0 - on a roll and looking dominant in the process will they be stopped ?

    2. Hialeah 7-3 - may not win their division, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

    3. TIE Bismark 7-3 - huge win but lots more to accomplish in this brutal division.

    3. TIE Little Rock 8-2 - rough loss for the Razors but they still have a game lead can theyrecover ?

    3. TIE Pembroke Pines 7-3 - right there in this division battle royale, some may have over looked then, Little Rock and Bismark better not

    6. TIE Oklahoma 7-3 - funny thing happened on their road to thinking they will dominate. Mike Vick let the dogs out and came home with the win !

    6. TIE Northeast 6-4 - right on the Outlaws butt, been rolling with Flacco, their head to head with the Outlaws will most likely decide the division.

    8. TIE Miami 6-4 - cant get caught looking ahead to week 12 matchup with Brady once again head to head with Jacksonville will decide this Division

    8. TIE Jacksonville 6-4 - recovered this week, huge week 12 game against the Thugs will they protect their crown ?

    10. Ocala 5-5 - Mike Vick, Vicked the Outlaws and pulled the upset, will they keep it up and fight for a Wildcard ?

    11. Buffalo 6-4 - lets face it Eli Manning sucks and just got bitch slapped by his big bro, would this team even be a contender if not in the East ?

    12. Lake Shore 4-6 - on a hot streak won 3 in a row, can they stay hot ? Or will they just falter down the stretch ?

    13. Tampa Bay 5-5 - has had a nice season but most likely a 500 team, though that would probably be enough to win two other divisions, just not theirs

    14. Carol City 5-5 - been a fun ride for the new guy on the block, looks like he is about to get a flat though.

    15. Oakland 5-5 - no shame in losing to the Playas, but they need to take care of business to secure a Wild Card

    16. Philadelphia 4-6 - won on last play of the game to take the lead in the Short Bus division, their one game lead is not secure by any stretch

    17. Denver 5-5 - the real Mark Sanchez has appeared and has given their record a Dirty Sanchez

    18. Rochester 4-6 - they have awoken, is it too late ??

    19. Springfield 3-7 - lost on last play of the game, still have lots of hope despite a losing record only a game out.

    20. Erie 3-7 - obviously Adrian Peterson gives you a chance to win every week, just wont be too many more weeks he will actually give you a win, say goodbye to Andrew Luck

    21. Long Island 3-7 - they talked, they roared, they came, they got their butts kicked again, still not out of it but will owner recover in time from what is sure to be a week long alcohol binge ?

    22. Pittsburgh 2-8 - team is improved just needs to learn to win, that lesson maybe next year.

    23. Deerfield 2-8 - their suck for Luck campaign is in full effect, but without benefit of trading more of their team now, I think Las Vegas will be secure in their win I mean loss I mean wouldn't it be funny if Luck is a bust lol

    24. Las Vegas 1-9 - avoided the dreaded winless season, but is in full Suck for Luck mode, cant see them giving up the poll position in that race, hope their scouting department is first rate they could turn around quickly if so
    by Published on 10-07-2011 01:13 PM

    Lake Shore Dr @ Buffalo
    Mikey does in fact have a pulse. Buffalo is on a tear. Body bags have been ordered ahead of ...