View Full Version : College Football Week 8: A Few Games To Watch

R. Rich
10-24-2008, 12:44 PM
Aside from the obvious ones this week (like PENN STATE-TOSU and Georgia-LSU), here's a few I'll watch/tape/tivo:

Game #1: Boston College @ North Carolina

Why this game?: The Heels are a fun team to watch. Butch Davis is another one of those guys who is probably a better fit for the college game than the pro game (Pete Carroll, Chan Gailey, Nick Saban also come to mind) due to their ability to recruit and upgrade a program's talent. BC isn't too shabby either. For a team that lost the conference's player of the year, they're putting up some points and playing well defensively, too. It should make for a fun game.

Player(s) To Watch Out For: Chris Crane is not of Matt Ryan's caliber, but he's shown in flashes the ability to make big plays for the Eagles. UNC's Cameron Sexton choked down the stretch last week, but is still their leader and is a solid QB. Sucks that BC's Brian Toal broke his leg and is done for the year. They will miss that guy, for sure.

Prediction: After keeping Va Tech to just over 200 yards last week, they get to deal w/ UNC's talented young group of playmakers. W/ Toal out for the year, it's a tall order and I don't know if they can accomplish it. North Carolina 30-Boston College 17.

Game #2: Oklahoma State @ Texas

Why this game?: Texas is on a roll. Offensively and defensively, they're playing very well. Their defense will get tested for sure by Ok State's offense. It should be a great matchup.

Player(s) To Watch Out For: Is there any QB in the country playing as well as Texas' Colt McCoy right now? I don't think so. Man, this conference is loaded w/ QBs! Zac Robinson may not be playing as well as McCoy is now, but he's not playing poorly by any means. Unless you consider nearly 1,500 yards and 14 TDs to only 4 picks is "poorly". Watch also for Dez Bryant, the playmaking wideout for the Cowboys. Also, from a selfish Bills fan standpoint, I'll be watching to see if this is the game where OSU's TE Brandon Pettigrew comes back to his 2007 form. He's got the size, hands, and athleticism to be a very good receiving TE in the pros. We'll just have to see if he can put it all together.

Prediction: It's hard to see the Cowboys coming up w/ this win, considering the roll the Horns are now on. They may be young and dumb enough to do it, as they won't know they're not supposed to beat the top ranked team. Still, I think Texas will have just a bit too much for them. Texas 37-Oklahoma State 24

Game #3: South Florida @ Louisville

Why this game?: Hey, USF is the team I said I was going to try to watch when I could this year, and I'm sticking w/ that. The Pitt loss notwithstanding, they are still a pretty damn good team and they could get back up into the top 10 w/ an impressive enough win this week vs the Cardinals.

Player(s) To Watch Out For: USF QB Matt Groethe isn't flashy, but finds a way to just get things done. He's also pretty versatile, w/ 1,500 yards passing and another 300 rushing this year. Louisville signal caller Hunter Cantwell is struggling a bit, but can light it up if USF isn't careful. I like to watch the entire USF defense, in particular DE George Selvie, 'cause they are tough! Only 6 teams in the nation and none in the Big (L)East keep opponents to fewer yards per game than the Bulls. They also got LB Brouce Mompremier back from his neck injury. I'm wondering what the deal is w/ LB Lucas Darr and DB Danny Verpaale. Both are out and may be out for quite a while.

Prediction: I don't see this one being too close. USF is loaded on D, and Groethe is having a pretty good year leading their offense. I guess anything can happen, but I'll believe Louisville can get this win when I see it. South Florida 34-Louisville 13.

Game #4: Virginia Tech @ Florida State

Why this game?: Two of the ACC's top teams going head to head for the division lead. Yeah, yeah, the ACC isn't what it was, but there's still some quality team in there. Both of these teams are playing well right now and this game should really be competitive. Watch for the 'Noles to continue to add balance to their offense, as they are starting to get more stability form the QB position to go w/ their formidable running game.

Player(s) To Watch Out For: FSU QB Christian Ponder has picked up his play and helped to elevate the offense by doing so. He has over 300 rushing yards to go w/ his 900-plus passing yards. Only a sophomore, this kid may just be scratching the surface in terms of his ability. Va Tech's Tyrod Taylor also can run and throw, but can still be a bit erratic in terms of his passing. When he's got his confidence going though, he's a pretty effective weapon for the Hokies. Defensively, I liked what I saw out of FSU's DE Kendrick Stewart earlier this year. He's up to a couple sacks and 3.5 tackles for loss on the year. Considering how screwed up their D line was w/ suspensions and all, he's done well. The guy who you really should watch though is senior LB Toddrick Verdell. This guy is a flat out stud of an athlete who can make big plays @ any time.

Prediction: We'll see how much the loss to BC has effected Va Tech this week, but I have a feeling that it did a lot to, as former Buffalo Bills head coach/philosopher Hank Bullough would say, take the "sails out of their wind". FSU is playing very well defensively and I think this could come down to the two QBs: one who seems to be on the rise in Ponder and one in Taylor who can hurt a team, but is a bit of a loose cannon in terms of consistency. Florida State 24-Va Tech 16