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12-13-2007, 04:07 PM
Man, the bashing, maybe I have my rose colored glasses on or something, but I think this was GREAT hire. He wanted in the SEC, now he's got it. I can't see him moving anywhere else for a while just because of all the bad press. I've been excited for 2 days over this hire, time will tell I guess.

Head coach of the Little Rock Razors Joe Gibbs might have to start looking over his shoulder :).

12-13-2007, 04:35 PM
it was a great hire for them but this guy makes saban look like the model coach..... its pretty bad when players like dunn and harrington are bashing you

12-13-2007, 06:00 PM
Yeah I mean nothing against arkansas at all but this guy is the lowest of the low. The incident with auburn a few years ago, trying to leave every year of his deal at Louisville, leaving for atlanta 6 months after signing his 10 year deal then this?

I dont know why anyone in Arkansas would be comfortable with this.

"This league is not for everybody," safety Lawyer Milloy said. "This league is for real men. I think he realized he didn't belong here."

"It just shows his true color, like a coward with a yellow stripe down his back," said Jackson, who now plays with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

And your boy Anderson....

Defensive end Jamaal Anderson, the Falcons' first-round pick from Arkansas, was asked what he would tell his alma mater about its new coach.

"One word: Disloyal," Anderson replied.


Rick for your sake as a fan I hope he does stay, because doing this to another team/fanbase.........well anyway I hope youre right my friend.

12-13-2007, 11:00 PM
A guy on the Hog's message board posted this, it sums it up for me (for most Arkansas fans). Time will tell, I never really heard any negative talk from his Louisville players. But like I said I (we) have our blinders on here. And he really has united the fan base here, because of all the bad press, so good things are kinda happening already.

From Hog board:
As a Falcon fan, I'm not terribly disappointed to see Petrino leave. He was an odd choice for the Falcons' offensive personnel, even before we found out that Vick couldn't find anything better to do with his $100M contract and free time than to kill puppies. Petrino wants an overpowering offensive line, a power running game, a pocket passer, and playmakers at the WRs. The Falcons have none of that. Their running game was based on the Denver Bronco's schemes with two scat backs. The threat of Vick made it work between the 20's, but the league's "best" running team couldn't punch the ball in the endzone from 1st and goal at the five. Despite a bevy of high draft choices the WRs are inconsistent and mistake prone. To top it off, Petrino didn't have an NFL starting QB on the roster. The Falcons were going to need a complete overhaul on offense to do what Petrino wanted. Little surprise that the O was nonexistent in his brief tenure. They were going to be forced to start over on offense next season regardless of the coach.

Petrino obviously had bad relationships with the veterans. The Atlanta media is berating his lack of communication skills, as if Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, and Bill Parcells were known for their warm, fuzzy relationships with their players. Fact is the high-priced talent that Petrino couldn't bench had been criticizing him publicly all year probably because he didn't come with instant credibility at the NFL level. Now they apparently want a group hug on the way out the door. Perhaps the Falcon players should stop worrying about what the sudden departure means about Petrino and worry about what a coach giving up $2M a year to NOT coach them means about them. That Petrino took a pay cut to go coach college kids doesn't jibe with the mercenary tag by the blowhards. Deangelo Hall's charge that Petrino took a $5M NFL job simply to get a $2.8M college job is particularly moronic. As if Petrino didn't have all sorts of college options after winning a BCS Bowl at friggin' Louisville.

Oh yeah, Petrino is obviously the scourge of the nation for leaving with 3 games left. Judging from the reaction, I can only assume that the carbon emissions from the flight to Arkansas were the tipping point for the collapse of the entire Antarctic ice sheet for which he obviously deserves pistol whipping. If Petrino had left for Michigan, I wouldn't care. Know why? As a Falcons fan, what I want most out of the last three games is three no-doubt LOSSES. Nothing would be more beneficial to the franchise at this point than to have as good a position in the draft as possible to replace as much of the roster as possible. Whereas, at his new gig the next three weeks are critical for recruiting. He's cheating his new employer if he doesn't leave. His former employer can go ahead and try to lure Bill Cowher back to the NFL before any other jobs are officially open, which would be doubly ectastic news for yours truly. The Falcons season was done weeks ago thanks to a lot of early season close losses, one of which was almost soley due to Hall not keeping his cool.

As for the blowhards who keep claiming Petrino will be gone in a year or two, riddle me this. What are his options going to be after a 3-10 season in Atlanta and leaving after one year? Petrino has no choice but to win big at Arkansas to keep his star elevated. He doesn't leave for Notre Dame after a 3-13 season in Atlanta and maybe a 5-7 season at Arkansas next season. If he takes us to a BCS bowl in the next four years and leaves, I will be grateful to him for dragging Arkansas FB into the 21st century, wish him well, and hopefully welcome Butch or a properly seasoned Gus Malzahn back home. Butch may be tired of playing second fiddle to Roy Williams by then. In any case Petrino is talented and hungry. Just perfect for us.

As a Hog fan, I'm ecstatic beyond belief. For the first time in my adult life Arkansas will not be a decade behind the times on offense. Holy freakin' crap, we might even attract a quality QB, develop him, and not run him off before he gets drafted by the NFL. Thanks to Petrino's obvious acumen and the national media's gratuitous gang bang, my fire is back for Arkansas football. It's great to be a Razorback for the first time in a long time. Go Hogs Go!