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The Hialeah Quiet Storm

  1. 2014 GJFL Super Bowl Appearance - Hialeah Quiet Storm Roster

    Below is the roster of the 2014 Hialeah Quiet Storm franchise! It was the franchise's first ever GJFL Super Bowl appearance representing the Lombardi Conference after winning the Reggie White Division for the first time as well.

    This team also set LEAGUE and FRANCHISE record for MOST POINTS SCORED on OFFENSE in a season with 595 as well as setting the FRANCHISE record for FEWEST POINTS ALLOWED on DEFENSE in a season with 180.

    2014 Hialeah Quiet Storm roster (15-1 / 2-1) ...

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  2. The Hialeah Tribune; New Location, Same Expectation - Vol. 20

    The fans of the Hialeah Quiet Storm generously painted the following mural of the upcoming 2012 team on Qwest Field's North end zone which will displayed until the end of the season.

    The team's management, coaches, players, fans, and city can't wait until the start of this season after a busy off-season thus far. Next up will be the much anticipated 2012 GJFL rookie draft in April followed by free agency.


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  3. The Hialeah Tribune; New Location, Same Expectation - Vol. 19

    Early off-season moves have turned the Quiet Storm from good team with yearly playoff expectations to possible GJFL Championship contenders.

    The Quiet Storm are tied with the second most wins in the Lombardi Conference during the past two seasons since new management relocated the franchise to Hialeah. The only team that the Quiet Storm trails in victories is the Los Angeles Playas, who have won the past two GJFL Championships.

    "We know we have a good team. We are ...

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  4. The Hialeah Tribune; New Location, Same Expectation - Vol. 18

    The Quiet Storm makes playoffs; and quick exit.

    Following an impressive inaugural season in 2010 that saw the Quiet Storm advance to the 2nd round of the Lombardi Conference playoffs, the Hialeah franchise once again qualified for the Lombardi crown.

    The Quiet Storm produced an impressive 10-6 record, a one game improvement from their previous season. At 10-6, the Quiet Storm tied the Miami Thugs and Jacksonville Waterboys with the second best conference record behind ...
  5. The Hialeah Tribune; New Location, Same Expectation - Vol. 17

    Hialeah Quiet Storm pull off 3 trades as trade deadline approached

    The Hialeah Quiet Storm have been one of the best teams in the first half of the 2011 GJFL season. Through the season's first 8 games, the team has started with a 6-2 record. This record is good enough to rank the Quiet Storm with the second best record in the Lombardi Conference. Unfortunately, just like last season when the Quiet Storm had the second best record in the conference at season's end, the franchise in ...
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