• Changes/Suggestions??

    With the our season concluded, it's time to already look ahead to our next season.

    Please Private Message me any suggestions of proposed changes you feel we can incorporate into our league. The suggestions can be of anything...from RFA, FA, Posts, Activity, Trades, etc. Any and anything will be listened to EXCEPT raising of the salary cap which has already been established that it will remain the same this season.

    Once we get some suggestions, we will review them and if we can incorporate any of the changes, we def. will. We are looking for feedback of how we can improve this league and continue with what is probably the best SIM league around. This league will be entering its 9th season which is pretty damn remarkable!! And to have so many original owners still around (LA, Philly, Erie, Oklahoma, Miami, Pittsburgh, Northeast, Rochester, Springfield, Little Rock) is really awesome!!

    While I truly believe this league is amazing and we have a lot of great and invested owners, you all have to admit that the active participation in this league the past three seasons has gone down tremendously. However, as much as its been harped upon in the past, lets all try to be more active on the site, not just signing in as ghosts as some would say.

    Just FYI, Denver will no longer be with us. So we will have one new owner for next season once we are able to find someone. If you have any suggestions of someone who will be actively involved in this league, shoot me a PM and we will go from there. In my opinion, we might be looking for a few other owners if their non-participation continues. They know who they are by now, lol!

    Congrats on a great 2014 SIM season, and I look forward to an even better 2015 SIM season!!!