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The Miami Thugs

Miami Sentinel: GJFL Milestone

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A GJFL milestone. Troy Polamalu, who was drafted by the original team NY Disease now named the Miami Thugs, will retire as a Thug. Polamalu has spent his entire GJFL career with the franchise. The owner of the Miami Thigs, MiamiGM, has announced that Polamalu's jersey will be retired after this season.

Polamalu is the projected starter along side all-pro Safety Eric Weddle for the 2016 GJFL season. The Thugs will use Polamalu's leadership and championship exerpince to make a push for a final championship run in his career. If he succeeds this will be his second ring.


  1. StalwartMIA's Avatar
    Really cool!! You should retire his hair as well!! Lol.
  2. SABURZFAN's Avatar
    That's quite a feat when you consider all the wheeling and dealing that we do in here.
  3. Maverick's Avatar
    Nice post!!!
  4. MiamiGM's Avatar
    Thanks guys!
  5. BRad's Avatar
    Nice but who is the Miami Thigs lol