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Gridiron Junkies TOS

Reputation System - What does it do?

Reputation is a system by which users can rate their fellow users and thier posts.

To give reputation points, click on the +/- folder icon in that user's post,near the online indicator.

To check your reputation points, just click on your UserCP. There you will be able to view rep you have received as well as given.If your reputation is positive, you will see one or more green icons in your posts. If it's negative, those icons will be red.

Your Rep Power is your ability to give reputation points to others. The more rep power you have, the more reputation you may give. Reputation power is also influenced by your post count as well as the length of time you have been registered on the forums.

What other features are there here?

There are a large variety of features available here at the Gridiron Junkies forums!!

  • Completley customizable user profiles
  • Football Forums dedicated to not only the NFL but NCAA, CFL, Arena, NFL Europe, WFL, XFL and many more!
  • Free Image Hosting
  • Googlemaps - User Directory
  • Tons of Fantasy Leagues, Info and Advice!
  • Forums that are upgraded monthly with new features and additions!
  • All Free!!!

    Gridiron Junkies Sim League

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