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New 11-09, 14:29
Strength wind and rain. A ton of property damage, down trees, down power lines, and flooding as one would expect though. Got very lucky!! Thank you all!!
New 11-09, 14:27
Thank you! We got lucky. The hurricane shifted West so we didnt catch the eye of the storm. We did get hurricane strwghtg
New 10-09, 17:50
hang in there guys. Hope you are safe
New 09-09, 21:26
Hope all the Florida Boy's are safe
New 18-07, 19:46
New 17-07, 21:49
GreenBeret: clean your inbox when you can. Thanks.
New 20-05, 15:07
all clear
New 20-05, 10:07
Phinfan08 clear out some inbox space
New 30-04, 10:04
happy birthday you old prunes from the young buck
New 20-04, 13:30
Hitmen finally joined us in the 40's club, I knew he couldn't wait
New 20-04, 12:44
Happy Bday 4/20 crew
New 27-03, 10:30
3 of us updated our blocks at the same moment
New 28-02, 22:31
New 25-02, 20:48
Bjinman clear out your messages. Thx.
New 27-01, 19:15
Erie clean your inbox
New 08-01, 21:56
R. Rich your mail box is full
New 26-12, 11:15
hope all of you had a great christmas and holiday
New 26-12, 08:33
Merry Christmas
New 25-12, 11:16
Merry Christmas
New 20-12, 07:49
holiday season crazy work schedule will posy week 15 tomorrow
New 24-11, 11:07
Happy Thanksgiving freaks!!
New 10-10, 01:30
Thanks. South Florida lucked out.
New 06-10, 20:06
I hope all of our owners in Florida were able to get out of dodge. Stay safe my friends.
New 15-09, 10:56
I know reading isnt a strong suit Stampy, but if you checked the schedule you play Carolina this year
New 11-09, 00:10
Stampy loves it when a new owner joins as it means there is a team that hasen't kicked his team's ass yet!
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