This is an intense league. Think fantasy football on steriods. You as an owner will build a franchise, create a "personality" for your franchise and be expected to draft, trade, and do all the things an owner/gm does. It is our goal to make this league as fun, competitive, and realistic as possible.

To do this owners must be dedicated. Show up on draft days, make trades to make your team better, and most importantly show up often!
Do not simply draft your team then leave for a month.

The games are simmed using Action PC Football simulation software. There are 2 pre-season games and 16 regular season games followed by the playoffs. Games are simmed once a week.

Some of your tasks as owner will include:

1. Select your team name
2. Select your stadium
3. create a team profile consisting of logos/coaching staff/philosophies
4. Draft a full 53 man roster
5. Draft Rookies
6. Submit a depth chart/formations
7. Post in these forums

Now some of these are 1 time things. So dont think that this is a overwhelmingly time consuming league. BUT, as stated before you will need to devote a couple hours a week to it.

After your first season, examine the trade/FA/League schedules carefully.

Most importantly read the rules, it will save you time and probably get you excited about the league!